INKED Tattoo Studio also offers a comprehensive and professional body piercing clinic.

We believe in providing a fully informed and knowledgeable piercing service to our clients and are happy to discuss your requirements prior to any procedure to ensure it is suitable.

We can give full advice on the requested piercing and offer alternative suggestions should the piercing not be viable for reasons such as placement or body type/shape, which can actually be more common that you may expect!

Although this may sometimes be disappointing we would sooner ensure our clients are fully informed, rather than continue with a procedure that could then cause them potential problems.

Regular ear and nose piercings are performed using the Studex 75 system, which is an extremely efficient system, using sterile cartridge based jewellery.  It is NOT a piercing gun.  It offers a clean, hygienic piercing to the ear lobe, cartilage around the ear cuff, or the nose with a wide selection of high quality titanium or gold jewellery.

For any needle piercings, our jewellery is either surgical grade steel or titanium, so perfectly suitable for any client suffering with metal allergies.

We take hygiene and our duty of care towards our clients very seriously, so jewellery and any equipment is all pre-sterilized to hospital standards.  Needles are strictly single use.

We have professional and experienced staff, who are trained in every aspect, to help with any advice or questions you might have, so please contact us for your free consultation.

To avoid disappointment and possible waiting, we recommend that you please book an appointment or call the studio for a time slot on the day, prior to arriving for your piercing.